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The question rages on in Manhattan, Kansas: When Bill Snyder hangs ’em up, who’s going to take over? Well, Snyder spoke with USA Today’s George Schroeder, where he was asked several times about his successor. Snyder still appears to be lobbying for his son to take over.

“Sean [Snyder] virtually runs the program right now. He has served in so many capacities. He was the associate athletic director, he’s the associate head coach, special teams coordinator. … He served as director of operations for a long time. So he knows more than anybody on that campus, he knows Kansas State University football.”

Sounds like Bill is still a fan of his son taking over, huh?

This question has popped up more and more lately since Snyder was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago.

Snyder was asked the question again by Schroeder and then tried to spin it, saying, “I told him I would prefer he didn’t, just because I hate to guide anybody in that direction. It can beat you down. It’s a lifetime-consuming happening. But he wants to do it, and I support him 150 percent.”

I’m not buying that. Snyder is basically making it sound like he’s the supportive father who is guiding his son through a decision he doesn’t want the young man to go through with.

I love Bill Snyder, but that’s spin. He wants his son to have the job. I’m fine with that and I understand it, I just wish he would be a little more forthright about it.

With the hiring of Gene Taylor as Kansas State’s new athletic director, this will be the biggest decision he will face during his tenure in Manhattan. Who will win out on this one? Snyder and Taylor have said all the right things about each other, but we don’t know where Taylor stands on Snyder’s potential successor. We know the head coach didn’t see eye to eye with former AD John Currie, who was not a fan of Sean replacing his father.

There is a large portion of K-State fans who want no part of Sean running the show. What say you?? Sound off in the comments!

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