So when the first round of the NFL Draft wrapped up Thursday night, ESPN did what ESPN does, try to take a shot at the Big 12. We know the network would love to kill off the Big 12 and just allow 4 Superconferences to exist and make life much simpler in the college football world.

Anyway, so ESPN tweeted late on Thursday night:

Notice anything missing? 

The Big 12 became the first Power 5 conference since 1988 to not have a first-rounder. 

I guess ESPN missed the 10th pick in the Draft? The second quarterback taken? Patrick Mahomes? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, let’s just say lots of people on Twitter had a felt day with this since-deleted ESPN tweet.

I’ll cut the Worldwide Leader some slack here. As someone who works for several media outlets, we all make mistakes. Granted that’s a bad one and it makes me think they had that “nugget” lined up, almost hoping that the Big 12 would get shut out in the first round. 

That’s more bothersome to me than that actual mistake. I can’t wait for it when ESPN starts telling us about the SEC had a down year or there were fewer SEC 1st round picks than in years past. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that one. 

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