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Just when you thought the Gundy mullet was on it’s way out, his son let the anti-mullet crowd down! Gundy apparently had a wager with his son where he was willing to cut his mullet, but only if his son reached a certain mark on his grade.

Now, for those of us that are fans of the mullet, this is the greatest B+ in the history of academics.

Gundy’s son, who attends the University of Arkansas, shot back, possibly insinuating it was a long shot he’d get above a 90 on his exam.

The mullet continues to be the rock star of the Oklahoma State season, making a strong impression recently when the Pokes went ahead with the Mannequin Challenge. 

Power programs spend millions of dollars trying to appeal to recruits through facilities, weather, location, academics and more … Mike Gundy just grew a mullet. F**kin’ brilliant.

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