burns hargis

Burns Hargis has a new role in college athletics.

The Big 12 announced on Tuesday that the President of Oklahoma State University has been named as the Big 12 representative to the NCAA Board of Directors.

Hargis replaces former Iowa State University President Steven Leath, who stepped down two months ago for a similar position at Auburn.

Many folks will say Burns Hargis is Oklahoma State University, just as much as the likes of T. Boone Pickens, Mike Holder, and Mike Gundy. He’s an alum who has spent most of his career in and around the University.

Hargis has an accounting degree from Oklahoma State University. Of course he also has a law degree from University of Oklahoma, but Pokes fans will prefer to pretend that part of his resume doesn’t actually exist.

In 2007, Burns Hargis became the 18th President of Oklahoma State University. Some of his noted accomplishments including leading Oklahoma State to record enrollment and record fundraising.

The Board of Directors is the overall governing body for Division I, responsible for strategy, policy, governance, membership and legislative oversight.

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