In West Texas, it’s never too early to start talking about football. It is the sport that drives most Universities and brings in the best TV ratings. In the South Plains of Lubbock, TX, a quarterback controversy is coming back into the spotlight. And I could not be any happier about it.

Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury has not given any hints as to who is winning the QB battle so far. The spring game, which was in Midland because of renovations at Jones AT&T Stadium, did not give us any tips since junior QB Davis Webb did not play. He was still resting his battle wounds from last season, which included shoulder surgery. On the other hand, sophomore Patrick Mahomes did suit up and sling the pigskin, but not very well. His accuracy was poor, although he did excel at some designed quarterback runs. So with Mahomes unable to “wow” the masses and Webb resting on the sidelines, the starting QB position is still up in the air.

Coach Kingsbury is going to have a hard time choosing a staring QB. Webb is more experienced, but Mahomes put up great numbers when he played last season. Their styles are very different as well. Webb is a prototypical pocket passer. He is tall and has a canon for an arm. But, he has a tendency to be very streaky, regarding his accuracy. He has had some great games and some very bad games. Mahomes is a dual-threat QB. Mahomes also has a very strong arm and can chunk the ball down the field. But, as we saw in the spring game, he also struggles with accuracy at times. His legs give him another dimension to his offensive arsenal. If the pocket collapses or if the coverage is just too tight, he can take off for the first down marker.

I believe Webb has had enough chances to prove himself. There is no question he has amazing talent. But with his accuracy always in flux, I think it is time to give someone else a chance. Mahomes showed promise and brought a certain spark to the team. If Coach Kliff Kingsbury wants to bring the running game to the forefront of the offense, QB Pat Mahomes can offer depth to the playbook. Dual-threat quarterbacks are all over college football now. They are even creeping into the NFL. They offer so much wiggle room for the playbook and keep defenses on edge. If Texas Tech Football wants to bounce back next season, they need to hand over the reins to Pat Mahomes.

Talking to fans around Lubbock I’ve noticed an almost 50/50 divide on who they want to start. They are either all in for Webb or die-hard Mahomes fans. So whoever leads the team out of the tunnel and into The Jones: just win to win over the fans. It’s that simple. In the end, stat lines do not matter, all fans care about is improving the number in the win column.

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