Trickett expected to be able to adjust on the fly

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The visual proof Dana Holgorsen was frustrated bordering on fed up with his rapport with his quarterback last season came in varied forms, be it flying headsets or swapping the players under center before a third-down snap.

It is said much has changed, but the signs West Virginia’s coaches are content with senior starter Clint Trickett this season will still be expressions of astonishment and disbelief.

“Every time we’ve been good on offense in the past, there were decisions made by the quarterback that weren’t even in the read,” offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Shannon Dawson said.

Dawson would quickly ask himself, “Why in the world did the ball go one way when the play was supposed to go the other way?”

Before he could answer it, he’d realize the offense had moved or scored and that an unexpected outcome was a welcome outcome.

Then he’d chat up his quarterback and hear the explanation. Someone on defense did something wrong and the quarterback and receiver understood they had to take advantage.

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