WVU Football: Rifling Through Recruiting

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With the wait for the start of the season almost over, now is as good a time as any to quickly check in on WVU’s recruiting efforts.  Though these young guys may not be playing in the upcoming games, they are the future cornerstones of our program and the success of the team could depend on who stays on board.  Luckily for the Mountaineers, they have the good problem of just needing to keep people on board rather than finding commits, as most of the spots in the class are already taken.

Right now the WVU class of 2015 is sitting pretty with 17 hard commitments, which is good for the largest class in the Big 12 right now, though TCU is nipping at the heels with 16 commits of their own.  However this class is more than just bodies to provide depth one day, as it is shaping into one of the most talented classes WVU has had in recent memory.  In fact, though there is some variation, most major recruiting services rank WVU’s class as the second most talented in the Big 12 only after Texas, which is good company to keep.

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