OSU Football: Daxx Garman should be the Cowboy starter

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Everyone is going to say there’s a quarterback controversy at Oklahoma State.

There isn’t.

Daxx Garman is the guy.

On a day when we thought we’d see lots of him against an overmatched Missouri State squad, Garman got in even sooner than expected. A lower leg injury to J.W. Walsh in the first quarter forced the starter to the sideline and the reserve into duty.

Garman started out a little shaky — we can forgive that; he last played in a football game during the first year of the Obama administration — but he soon found a rhythm. Big plays. Tight spirals. Long throws.

Hello, air raid.

The fact that OSU beat Missouri State 40-23 became an afterthought. Garman had everyone buzzing.

“Our style of play’s a little different when he’s in than J.W.,” Cowboy coach Mike Gundy said. “Some plays, there’s some carry over, but there’s other plays that he may bring more to the table.”

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