Texas CB Quandre Diggs thinks his teammates don’t care about losing

Texas defensive back Quandre Diggs has been one of the Longhorns most outspoken players when it comes to the behavior and attitude of his team.

When coach Charlie Strong took over, Diggs was one of the first to endorse Strong’s disciplinary style and said he was in favor of weeding out guys that didn’t have a passion for the game.

Diggs saw that lack of passion rear its ugly head Saturday night after the Longhorns’ 41-7 loss to BYU, and while he didn’t want to talk about it on Saturday, he had no shortage of comments for his teammates during his press availability on Monday.

“I feel like some guys have it, but we don’t have enough,” Diggs said of players who hate losing, according to Rivals’ site “I’m a guy who grew up winning. I never lost. I don’t like to lose. It’s not something I’ve ever accepted. I think sometimes guys accept losing because they come from different high schools where they’re the stars, and as long as they are going in and making plays, it’s acceptable. That’s the thing they grew up with. Me, I never grew up losing. I don’t like losing video games, cell phone games, any of that. I barely let my little nephews beat me in games. I take it so seriously.

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