West Virginia Survives Maryland, Wins 40-37

There are a lot of different ways to approach this game. You can marvel at the eye-popping numbers WVU put up. Clint Trickett was 37/49 for 511 yards with 4 TDs and 1 int, becoming only the the second WVU QB ever to surpass the 500 yard mark. Kevin White had 13 catches for 216 yards and a score (13 catches was 1 short of the school record and 216 is the best day ever by a WVU WR not namedStedman Bailey or Tavon Austin). Mario Alford had 11 catches for 131 yards and a pair of scores.

But that’s not what we’ll come out of here talking about. What we’ll remember is a WVU team faced massive adversity – much of it of its own making – yet still scrapped and scrambled enough to win a huge road game in their last remaining border battle. The simple fact is a year ago this team doesn’t win this game. They wilt, they make a mistake, they drop a pass….they lose.

In 2014 they won.

The irony is that even in winning we find ourselves asking many of the same questions we asked in 2013 and in the first two games of this year. What’s the problem with the red zone? Can special teams get it done? Can we field a freaking punt? But maybe the most important question that we all had did get an answer – does this team know how to win?

Today they did.

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