Why a toned down Cy-Hawk rivalry is working

When the University of Iowa police is the craziest thing on Twitter you know Cy-Hawk week is changing.

The Super Bowl-like three-ring circus that accompanies the annual in-state football rivalry is gone. It’s replaced with law enforcement making cracks about Iowa State’s record.

The 2014 ISU-Iowa game is just a football contest between rivals. Nothing more, nothing less.

And I like it.

An understated rivalry game, with the focus on the field and not the surrounding hoopla is a welcome change.

There is no talk about Iowa T-shirts on the Iowa State campus. Cyclone Nation’s inferiority complex isn’t popping up, and the Hawkeyes aren’t pretending that they doesn’t care about this week. The game can get a little lost when the conversation detours to those easy-to-find landmarks.

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