Desmond Roland reemerges in Cowboys’ run game

Amid all the Tyreek Hill hype and the quarterback drama that has become attached to this Oklahoma State season, last year’s breakout player had gotten pretty much shoved from the spotlight.

Yet Saturday night, as the Cowboys scuffled with UTSA, Desmond Roland issued a forget-me-not.

Boosting a ragged offense, Roland rushed for a game-high 95 yards and two touchdowns, pumping some punch into a running game seemingly going nowhere.

And it was right on cue – twice – adding an element to OSU’s first touchdown drive, then again later as the Cowboys finally closed out a 43-13 win.

“Love his versatility,” said OSU offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich. “He’s a tough runner. He’s good in pass protections. Understands the schemes. Very sound.”

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