Overreaction Sunday, Minnesota Edition

It’s almost unfair to pick on the Big 10. It’s certainly easy. The conference’s has had a rough couple of weeks, and TCU added to the misery Saturday afternoon in the Fort (Sorry Gordon Gee). With two games under the belt, the consensus is pretty much the same across the board. Defense is great, and the offense is promising–but still needs a lot of work.

Third down efficiency scares us

2 for 12 is never good. Well, in fact, it’s pretty awful. TCU will basically have a practice when they play SMU the Saturday after next. But with the Oklahoma game looming–and the Sooners have a defense that’s going to force a lot of third downs–the Frogs won’t give themselves much of a chance with that kind of efficiency.

…Red Zone efficiency too

When you get a big play from your defense that puts you in a situation where you should score a touchdown, you score a touchdown. Like we talked about a couple of weeks ago, Oberkrom, in all likelihood, is going to play a huge role in the Oklahoma game. But against a team like the Sooners, TCU can’t afford to waste Red Zone opportunities.

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