Kingsbury Quotes from Weekly Teleconference

Less than 48 hours following Texas Tech‘s 49-28 home loss to Arkansas coach Kliff Kingsbury answered questions about the team during the weekly Big 12 teleconference.

The following is a collection of Kingsbury quotes from the teleconference which stood out.

On the team’s reaction since the game Saturday and how Kingsbury can get the players back on track over the course of the next ten days before the next game: “They’re just disappointed. After watching the film and just seeing the opportunities that we missed, the mental mistakes that just wasn’t a pretty thing to watch. They knew it and they are embarrassed, so luckily we have this bye coming at a good time before the Thursday night game. We’ll work hard this week and get back to the fundamentals of tackling, catching and blocking; just hit that all hard and try to get things rolling before our conference schedule.”

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