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Pete’s 12 Thoughts on Week 4 in the Big 12

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1. Despite what many believe, I think Thursday night’s K-State/Auburn game was a “win” for the Big 12 Conference. Even with the national media’s SEC bias, the disrespect K-State, and the entire Big 12 was shown before kickoff was shocking. In one of the pre-game conversations on ESPN, I believe it was Brian Griese, who mocked KSU’s chances at stopping the run, saying something along the lines of “Auburn falls out of bed and rushes for 200 yards”. Well, the Tigers only ran for 128 yards… all night.

2. Speaking of SEC media biased… stumbled across this tweet from Kansas resident Kelly Williams that summed it up perfectly (referring to Mississippi State upset of #8 LSU)


3. Does anyone know where KSU kicker Jack Cantele has been hiding on campus? In all seriousness, feel awful for him… brutal night.

4. I re-read this SI piece from the summer about Charlie Strong’s workout routine, and how impressed Texas players are by their coach … then I look at the Kansas sideline vs. Central Michigan, and I wonder how inspired Jayhawks players are when they walk into the athletic center and Charlie Weis has polished off his morning stack of pancakes.

5. Kansas OC John Reagan had a very conservative game plan in the first half for QB Montell Cozart. Reagan seemed interested in rebuilding the confidence of his battered QB who was hammered against Duke in week 3. It worked, somewhat… as Cozart put the ball perfectly on the outside shoulder of Justin McCay for the go-ahead TD in the 4th. But I still don’t see any Big 12 defensive coordinators burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to stop Cozart.

6. Kansas offensive line seemed to break down too easily against Central Michigan’s front seven. Texas DC Vance Bedford is licking his chops for this week’s match up.

7. When the Sooners suspended 5-star freshman RB Joe Mixon for the year (arraigned on charges after a physical altercation with a woman), the Sooners coaching staff and University were lauded for taking a strong stand. They still deserve credit. But, deep down they must have known what they had in the trio of Keith Ford, Alex Ross, and freshman breakout star Samaje Perine.

8. As for Perine, someone get me a birth certificate. 19 years old? Just looking at the guy he must produce more testosterone than Shawn Kemp, Travis Henry, Evander Holyfield and a bull shark… combined.

9. We’ve addressed how Clint Trickett appears better than he is by having Mario Alford and Kevin White at WR. Well, OU QB Trevor Knight’s job becomes a bit easier each week as teams realize the Sooners rushing game is the strongest it’s been in years.

10. One of the biggest challenges for Dana Holgerson at WVU has been building the proper depth to compete in the Big 12 compared to the Big East. He has vastly improved the depth. But, while the Mountaineers can and did play with the Sooners for 30 minutes, they eventually were worn down in the second half.

11. Are you already counting down to the Red River Rivalry on October 11th?? If not, check out these guys on our instagram page already getting the ball rolling with some heated back and forth. Click the link and check comments in this picture from Saturday:

12. Picks were 3-0 this week against the spread… 11-1 through the first two weeks on the site. Watch out Jimmy the Greek?

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