Daxx Garman has the arm and receivers to deliver big plays for Cowboys

Daxx Garman fired a pass long and high. Think Dustin Johnson driver long and high. A pass so far, it seemed to be headed for the tuba section in the west end zone seats of Boone Pickens Stadium.

But not so far that Tyreek Hill couldn’t catch up to it. Hill went into overdrive to snare the 50-yard touchdown pass from his quarterback to put the Cowboys in control Thursday night, and sure enough, OSU coasted from that point in the third quarter to a 45-35 victory over Texas Tech.

And that’s when you realized, this is the OSU offense. At least for now. Try to run the ball unless the defense stacks the box, then resort to the sandlot. Down, set, hike, go deep. The old Daryle Lamonica offense.

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