Hold on Cowboy fans, it could be like this all season

Mike Gundy didn’t go easy on his team.

After what turned into a decisive 37-20 victory against Iowa State, I asked about the early struggles. How the offense was sputtering. How the defense was just hanging in there. Then the Oklahoma State coach accused me of something few in orange do.

“You’re being so nice to us,” he said. “’Sputtering’ and ‘hanging in there’.”

OK, what would you call it?


All right, I’ll call it that, too. The Cowboys were bad on offense, scoring no touchdowns on their first six drives and settling for field goals the two times they managed to get into the red zone. The Cowboys were bad on defense, missing tackles and allowing big plays to an offense that hasn’t had many this season.

So, as Gundy said, the Cowboys were bad.

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