Now comes the tough part of the schedule for the Cowboys

Ryan Simmons slapped hands with Emmanuel Ogbah. Brandon Sheperd pointed at the cheering Cowboy fans. Juwan Offray hopped up on the bench and waved his hands.

Win a road game in college football these days — no matter how — and there’s reason to celebrate.

But for every happy expression Saturday after Oklahoma State’s 27-20 victory at Kansas, there were a dozen sullen ones. Glazed eyes. Pursed lips.

This, after all, was supposed to be a blowout of the downtrodden Jayhawks and an opportunity to build some momentum heading into the second half of the season. It’s a stretch that could be killer. It’s a run that most certainly will be defining.

At TCU. West Virginia. At Kansas State.

Off week.

Texas. At Baylor. At Oklahoma.

“I told ‘em a little while ago, we’re about to get off the dirt road and get on the highway,” Cowboy defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer said.

Now comes the tough part.

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