Oklahoma’s exit from the College Football Playoff sealed with a kick

Michael Hunnicutt made a beeline from the sideline to the locker room as the final seconds ticked off the clock, his head down, his helmet on.

Couldn’t see his face or his eyes.

Couldn’t see his disappointment either.

On a day Oklahoma had many a problem — an interception that went for a touchdown, a defense that gave up four plays of whopping 38 yards or more, a coaching staff that continued to have to take timeouts because it didn’t have the right personnel on the field — the Sooners were still a chip shot field goal from beating Kansas State. And with one of the most automatic kickers in school history, it seemed a sure thing.

Except it wasn’t.

K-State 31, OU 30.

Thus ends the Sooners’ playoff hopes. There will be no Football Four. There will be no national championship.

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