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Pete’s 12 Thoughts on Week 8 in the Big 12

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1. The morons that rioted throughout Morgantown following West Virginia’s win over Baylor should be embarrassed. I know, I know this happens at Colleges fairly often. But, this bad? Go find the pictures on twitter/Instagram, etc.  Instead of talking about a great team win, and a top 25 ranking … we see pictures of flipped over cars, burnt couches, police forces, and general mayhem and destruction. Unfortunate to see a fan base be selfish and stupid enough to take away from their team’s win… turning a day that should be used as a positive recruiting tool for the University, into a negative.

2.       As for that game… the one-handed touchdown grab by Kevin White was reminiscent of Larry Fitzgerald, dreads and all. Ridiculous. His name should start popping up in a wide-open Heisman race.

3. Absurd to see Baylor with 19 penalties for 232 yards. I never thought we’d witness that out of an Art Briles coached team ranked in the top 5.

4. TCU is the best team in the Big 12. Outside of an unexplainable final 10 minutes against Baylor last week, it’s clear the Horned Frogs are the most balanced, with a stout defense, and now a top notch offense. They can compete with anyone in the country.

5. That leads me to … IF TCU can run the table, they should be in the College Football Playoff. I still don’t see how a Big 10 team gets in. We appear stuck with two SEC West teams, and Notre Dame’s loss hurts them since they are also missing a Conference championship game. That leaves two spots for, in my opinion, the Pac-12 winner, and the Big-12 winner, assuming both have 1-loss. 

6. Despite their 5 straight wins and rolling up into the top-15 in the AP Poll, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has implied several times over the last month he wasn’t sure how good his team was. Well, he was right. Saturday’s 42-9 loss to TCU was a rude awakening to what will be a long next 6 weeks: West Virginia, Kansas State, Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma. Good luck!

7. Oklahoma kicker Michael Hunnicutt’s missed 19 yard field goal late in the 4th quarter was possibly the most bizarre and surprising play in the Big 12 this season. Hunnicutt has been as reliable as a college kicker can be, and the kick was part of the reason the Sooners are officially out of contention in the CFB playoff.

8. Along with awful Oklahoma special teams: 2 missed FG, 1 missed PAT, 11.8 kickoff return average, the other reason the Sooners lost? The offense. Trevor Knight threw two interceptions, one returned for a pick 6, the other in the red zone. Coach Stoops must be trying to figure out what exactly happened in January’s Sugar Bowl. 

9. Iowa State fans reportedly had technical problems watching the Cyclones play the Longhorns on Cyclones.TV. It’s hard enough to recruit to Ames, Iowa for several different reasons. But, when a fan base, and a potential recruit, can’t watch the team on TV, and the University’s internet TV stream doesn’t work, that makes Paul Rhoads’ job that much harder.

10. The weekend was a mixed bagged for Kansas interim coach Clint Bowen. The team continues to fight for him. Despite being down 17-0, the Jayhawks never panicked and scrapped their way back into the game. But, if we credit Bowen for that, we must knock the fact that it was another slow start for the Jayhawks… and ultimately they did trail 17-0 midway through the 2nd quarter.

11. Texas Tech wide out Jakeem Grant was reportedly injured in an off-campus shooting early Sunday morning. He was hospitalized after the incident, treated, and released. Kliff Kingsbury won his first Conference game on Saturday, and snapped a 4 game skid. Then this happened. Let’s call it a wash of a weekend for Tech.

12. My picks were 2-2-1 this weekend. Biggest shocker? Texas. You tell me they score 48 points, I figure I’m laughing to the bank with a 12-point cover.

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