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Baylor should back out of nonconference games to boost playoff resumé

I’m a little groggy after this morning’s butt-crack-of-dawn flight out of Pittsburgh, but still thinking clearly enough to still discuss a little Baylor football.

Specifically, what can be done to upgrade the Bears’ future schedules.

Both John Werner and I described the hurdles that stand in front of Baylor in its quest to reach the four-team College Football Playoff. Essentially, the Bears don’t stand a great chance of making the cut as a one-loss candidate, and they put themselves in that position through their softer, gentler approach to nonconference scheduling, which I addressed in a preseason column.

But rather than simply criticize for the heck of it (which is never my objective), I figured I’d offer up a suggestion that could keep Baylor out of this pickle in the future. Not that Baylor has asked for or perhaps wants my advice, but I’ll give it anyway, free of charge:

Baylor should strongly consider backing out of a nonconference game in each of the next two seasons.

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