Mountaineers go from finesse to physical

No matter how often West Virginia runs the ball, pulls its guards and topples defenders, there remains a perception that’s more of a stigma and is rapidly becoming a falsehood that the Mountaineers use finesse to move the ball.

They do spread out formations, seek to isolate receivers in space and ask their quarterback to avoid hits at all costs. They play with an extra player in the secondary so they can be faster on defense and they all but concede their linemen aren’t big enough to play without help.

But what WVU engaged in during Saturday’s win at Baylor was anything but soft, and the timing was unmistakably critical. The tenor of a 41-27 victory didn’t erase last season’s 73-42 loss to the Bears, but it did prevent another embarrassment.

“The mentality this game was to play their game,” WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider said. “We were not going to be intimidated by anybody. They were not going to come in here and run over us again. They embarrassed us last year. Call it like you see it. They kicked our butts up and down the field.

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