Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops frustrated by un-penalized downfield blocking

Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters took the shotgun snap, moved around like he would keep the ball on a running play, then suddenly stepped back and threw to a wide-open Glenn Gronkowski, who ran free for a 62-yard touchdown.

It was the Wildcats’ first touchdown in an eventual 31-30 victory at Oklahoma, and this week, still the subject of some ire among the Sooner coaching staff.

Replays of Gronkowski’s touchdown show Kansas State’s B.J. Finney and Zach Nemechek — both ineligible receivers on the play — blocking OU’s Jordan Evans and Quentin Hayes, respectively, more than three yards beyond the line of scrimmage. While that was happening, Gronkowski, a fullback, slipped out of the backfield unnoticed and ran right through the middle of OU’s defense into wide-open spaces.

According to Rule 7, Article 10 of the NCAA football rules manual, ineligible receivers cannot go more than three yards downfield on a passing play until after the ball is thrown.

“Football has gotten to where it’s stupid, letting these guys run plays and then throw the ball,” said defensive coordinator Mike Stoops.

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