No. 11 Kansas State shuts out Texas 23-0

Ryan Mueller and Jonathan Truman could wait no longer.

The tackling duo was ready to celebrate a successful afternoon of hard hits and big stops, and they were going to do so immediately. So they gathered up their defensive teammates and began congratulating them.

One by one, they pointed out the important plays that led to No. 11 Kansas State’s 23-0 victory over Texas on Saturday at Snyder Family Stadium and the key moments that added up to the Wildcats’ first conference shutout in 11 years. Normally, this scene would have played out behind the closed doors of the team’s locker room after Bill Snyder had given his postgame speech.

But this was no time to follow standard protocol. This gathering was on the sideline while the game was still being played, commencing the moment it was clear a shutout was intact. Holding Texas scoreless meant that much to them.

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