Red Raiders unravel in face of Frogs onslaught

Early Sunday, Kliff Kingsbury and his Texas Tech coaches will watch video of the disaster the day before at Amon Carter Stadium and see more than just a record-setting 82-27 loss to No. 10 TCU.

They ought to be scared at the sight of one of the worst fundamental teams in college football occupying their sideline and how it got this bad. Twenty-one games into Kingsbury’s head-coaching career, no one should have expected him to be trotting out a flawless, well-oiled machine.

He’s young. His team’s young.

But the Red Raiders are giving themselves no chance.

“We had those four turnovers,” Kingsbury said. “They didn’t have any. They’re a very good team. If we had played our best, it would have been tough to beat them, and we didn’t do that.”

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