Wildcat report: K-State 23, Texas 0

First quarter

Key play: Jake Waters rushed 12 yards for a first down on the first play of K-State’s second series, easing doubts that he was feeling lingering injury effects from last week.

Key stat: DeMarcus Robinson rushed for 49 yards on seven carries.

Second quarter

Key play: Jake Waters hit Curry Sexton for a 24-yard pass on third-and-long to spark a touchdown drive.

Key stat: K-State passed for 63 yards.

Third quarter

Key play: Jaxon Shipley lost a fumble on an attempted reverse at midfield.

Key stat: K-State committed its first three penalties of the game.

Fourth quarter

Key play: Jonathan Truman and Dante Barnett stuffed Johnathan Gray on fourth-and-short to help preserve the shutout.

Key stat: Joe Hubener rushed for 46 yards on his lone series at quarterback.

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