The Farniok football family Big 12 tour will conclude this weekend

There is no winner when Iowa State and Oklahoma play. There can’t be.

Not for Christine Farniok-Jones. Not when her sons play on opposing teams.

But she needs to root for something.

“We just cheer for offense,” Farniok-Jones said.

With Tom Farniok an Iowa State senior center and Derek Farniok an Oklahoma junior offensive tackle, it’s an easy compromise where one sibling is destined to lose the game.

So the family will be hoping for a 48-45 outcome when the brothers who have shared a football field since elementary school do it one last time at Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday (11 a.m., FS1).

“I don’t think any of us realize how awesome it’s been until now,” Tom Farniok said. “We are kind of winding down and starting to realize that is a pretty cool thing.”

Football was always a part of their lives. They started playing together in 2001. Farniok-Jones still has the photos.

They’ve been together virtually every year since. Because they were a year apart in school, they ended up on teams together. They both won state titles at Washington High School in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Even when they went to different Big 12 programs, they would still meet up once a year as conference rivals.

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