Is it time to unleash Tyreek Hill?

Pat Jones, former Cowboys coach turned analyst, fired out a question via Twitter on Monday that surely sent Oklahoma State fans screaming, “Yes! Please!”

Jones’ tweet: “Will we see more of Tyreek Hill at tailback???”

Well, will we?

Stay tuned.

Hill gathered a season-high 14 carries Saturday against West Virginia, running for 78 yards and intriguing Jones from his seat on the set of the Coaches Cabana on location at a Tulsa-area Buffalo Wild Wings.

“When they started pumping the ball to him there for a spell, they looked different to me,” Jones said. “They’re struggling in the offensive line, there’s no question about that. But this guy’s got the ability, it looks like to me, to hit a cut or just bounce something all the way outside when there’s absolutely nothing there and get something out of it.

“We know the guy can hit home runs.”

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