Nothing is wrong with OU football; everyone else just gotten better

I’ve been getting a certain question a lot the last 10-11 days. Maybe you’ve been asking the question a lot. What’s wrong with OU football?

My answer is not popular. But I think it’s bedrock truth.

Nothing much. Sooner football’s in fine shape. High-caliber players. High-caliber coaches. High-caliber resources. High-caliber fan support. The program’s not missing anything, although a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and an NFL-level defensive tackle never hurts.

It’s not the Sooners who have changed. It’s the landscape. It’s tougher to win than ever before. Particularly in the Big 12, but everywhere, really.

We’ve heard parity bantered about for literally 40 years. But it has crash landed upon the Big 12.

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