Loss of father, uncle motivates Texas linebacker Steve Edmond

Cason is a speck on an East Texas roadmap. It’s not even a speed bump on Texas 11. Six miles away is Daingerfield, a roaring metropolis by comparison. In 2010, the population of Daingerfield was 2,560.

“There ain’t much out there,” said Steve Edmond, Texas’ senior linebacker who grew up in Cason and is a folk hero of sorts in Daingerfield, which won three straight Class 2A titles from 2008-10.

Tyler Boyd, Edmond’s cousin and the Daingerfield quarterback, said, “Growing up, all we knew is the country life.”

Steven Edmond loved taking his son and nephew fishing. Do it every day if they could. How Edmond ever made it to — much less made it in — the big city of Austin is a story his father would be proud to cast a line and tell today.

Fishing and hunting are daily staples in East Texas. The Edmonds would go squirrel hunting occasionally. Shooting guns was not only accepted, but encouraged. That’s how Steve Edmond got the scar on the bridge of his nose. When he was 7 or 8, Edmond recalls he picked up a neighbor’s shotgun, held the thing tight and squeezed the trigger.

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