Short memory helps Morgan Burns make plays for Kansas State

Morgan Burns has been both a hero and a goat this season, often bouncing from one extreme to the other within the course of a single football game.

“You have to have a short memory,” Burns said, “because if you have a bad play happen to you, you can very easily be thinking about that play the whole game. That can just cause you to not play well or have things in your mind that you don’t want in your mind.”

Burns, Kansas State’s junior cornerback, has done an exceptional job leaving the past where it belongs and focusing on the future. Coach Bill Snyder recruited him out of Trinity Academy because of his speed, which is among the best you will find in the Big 12. But his mental approach is what has truly allowed him to rise up the depth chart and earn a permanent starting spot in K-State’s secondary. He doesn’t allow plays – no matter how negative or positive they may be – to impact his emotions.

In other words, he has a good poker face.

“He is a pretty even-keeled young guy,” K-State coach Bill Snyder said. “You don’t see Morgan get highly upset about anything or overjoyed really about anything. He just keeps a rather normal pace about himself.”

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