KU’s Kiesau says offense now about progress not complete overhaul

Energized by the chance to call plays again, Kansas University’s co-offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau said this week that one of the most important aspects of the transition was not to throw too much at the Jayhawks too quickly.

“I told (interim head coach) Clint (Bowen), it’s gonna be a gradual progression,” Kiesau said. “Last week there was a few things, then we’ll take those things and we’ll add a few this week and add a few next week. Really, what we’re trying to do is just build and get stronger as the season ends, in fairness to the kids. Sure, I’d love to flip the script and say, ‘Hey, guys, here’s what we’re doing,’ and have these 15 or 20 new ideas. But if they don’t execute ’em then it doesn’t look good and it’s all for nothing.”

Kiesau, who called plays both at Colorado and Washington, said the mental impact of such a transition was important to monitor, particularly for a team that just changed head coaches and quarterbacks.

“You really have to monitor your team and see where your players are at, not just football-wise but in the whole big picture.”

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