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Why the College Football Playoff committee ranked TCU ahead of Baylor

The College Football Playoff committee likes the Big 12. Likes the Big 12 a lot.

But will the committee like the Big 12 in December?

The committee ranked TCU fourth and Baylor seventh this week, and while everyone focused on how the Frogs and Bears would fare compared to each other, the most important slot was how they would be compared to Ohio State.

And now we know the answer. The Buckeyes are ranked eighth, behind both Big 12 schools. Will that status hold?

So far, it’s looking good for the Big 12, particularly TCU, which lost to Baylor 61-58 on Oct. 11 but now is ranked ahead of the Bears even though both have the same record.

The TCU-Baylor conundrum could raise its head in December, when the committee will make its final determinations. One factor the committee considers is conference championships. If TCU and Baylor win out and share the Big 12 title, who gets credit for the crown? Do both? Do neither?

Could the committee look at a league with a “One True Champion” marketing campaign and say, you guys can’t figure it out, why should we? Could the committee just pick Ohio State and tell the Big 12 sorry?

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