Baylor Bears

Baylor should leap Frogs if they end tied

The similarities between Baylor and TCU as institutions far outnumber the differences.

Case in point: They’re the only two private schools in the Big 12, both with Christian heritages. They both reside in cities saddled with inferiority complexes: TCU in Fort Worth, the cowtown little brother living in the shadow of tony Dallas, and Baylor in Waco, which bristles at its reputation as merely an interstate rest stop on the drive from Dallas to Austin. (TCU also called Waco home for a time, a century or so ago.)

And judging by everything we’ve seen on the field and off of it, in committee meeting rooms, there isn’t much difference separating the two football teams. About three points worth of difference, if memory serves.

You know what else the two schools share? An overwhelming disdain for one another.

If familiarity breeds contempt, this TCU-Baylor pairing is as contemptible a relationship as the Big 12 has right now.

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