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Pete’s 12 Thoughts on Week 14 in the Big 12

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1. So … how about now? Can we put TCU in? The Horned Frogs had a great weekend. With their 38-point win over Texas, Mississippi State’s loss, Ohio State needing a late rally to beat Michigan (and losing QB J.T. Barrett), and Baylor’s tight win over Texas Tech … it’s starting to feel like it’s meant to be for TCU to be on the national stage in January.

2. As for the Baylor fans complaining that the only reason the Tech game was close was because of the loss of QB Bryce Petty to concussion symptoms … not fair. The defense allowed 17 straight points in a game they knew they needed a blowout win. This makes it back-to-back weeks the Bears could’ve used a monster blowout (OK State/Tex Tech), and they failed to do so. IMO, TCU stays ahead in the polls. This is the problem with scheduling a horribly weak non-conference schedule, no margin for error. Oh yea, TCU’s non-conference? Minnesota nearly clinched a berth in the B1G Title game.

3. During the TCU/Texas game, PxP man Gus Johnson and color analyst Charles Davis were talking about Charlie Strong landing the UT job, and Davis said Texas is, “a place you wouldn’t expect an African American coach to have an opportunity.” What kind of nonsense is that? Is Davis looking to incite racial division? Is it 1965?
I found an article from, stating 52% of the class of 2014 at the University of Texas is non-white. By the way, it was the state of Texas, who in 1997, passed the “Top 10 Perecent Rule”. In Texas, every public university automatically admits students who rank in the top 10 percent of their high school classes.
Yes, Strong is the first black head coach of any men’s team at Texas. But, to say it’s a place “you wouldn’t expect an African American to have an opportunity” is race bating and insulting to the many good people in the state of Texas, and the University of Texas.

4. Sticking with Texas, I heard this for the first time when watching the game on Thanksgiving night … after a big play by UT QB Tyrone Swoopes, the stadium blared a song parody of the classic “Whoomp!(There It Is)” by Tag Team, into a “Swoopes there it is!” song. Really? Can he have a better than +3 differential between TD’s to INT’s before he gets his own theme song?
That being said, if Texas can ever find their QB of the future, and I think Swoopes has a good chance to be just that, they will jump right atop the Big 12 race. There’s no doubt Charlie Strong will be able to recruit and build one of the top defense’s in the conference and country, year-in, year-out.



Yes, Bo, I do. Kansas should hand Bo Pelini a blank check, and see what it would take to bring the ex-Nebraska coach back to the Big 12. Yes, I am still on the Clint Bowen bandwagon, but if they don’t think Bowen is ready, or can be “the guy”, Pelini is enticing.

I believe Bo Pelini, who won at least 9 games every year in Lincoln, had accomplished more than Nebraska fans will admit. It’s a new college football world. Nebraska doesn’t simply get the top players in the country because of their tradition. In fact, I don’t think 18-year olds care that the Huskers won three national titles in the 1990’s, and two in the early 70’s. They want warm weather, babes, and good football. Ever been to Lincoln, Nebraska in January? I’ll save you the trip… not many bikini-clad women in the dead of winter.

Bring Bo to Kansas, with lower expectations, less media (which he wasn’t good with), at a basketball school, and let him do his work. He could get it done, knows the Conference and the region, and would succeed.

6. As for head coaches who could be fired … I think Iowa State should hang onto Paul Rhoads. Yes, they’re looking at 0-9 in the Big 12 (taking on TCU this weekend). And yes, it is the worst year, by record, under Rhoads. But, if he can bring the defense back to where it was a couple years ago, with linebackers Jake Knott and A.J. Klein, they can be a year-in, year-out bowl team. Mark Mangino was a great hire as OC, and can keep building the offense to his liking, I expect it to succeed. Iowa State can be a poor man’s Kansas State, and they’re already trending that way. They only committed 12 turnovers on the season (11th fewest in FBS), 48 penalties (15th fewest in FBS), and lost to K-State, Texas and Texas Tech by a combined ten points. I say give Rhoads more time in Ames. Plus, no one will work harder for that University.

7. Back to TCU for a second … following the Texas game, Fox Sports 1’s Matt Leinart questioned, “is he (Boykin) a good enough quarterback to beat two quality teams in the playoffs?” Well, he already beat #4 Oklahoma (37 points), #7 Kansas State (41 points), and put 58 points on #5 Baylor in a loss. You’d be hard pressed to find a better resume … in the country.

8. So … Can Skyler Howard be the QB of the future for West Virginia? I’m starting to think so. He is more of a dual threat than Clint Trickett ever was, and throws a nice deep ball. His second touchdown pass to Mario Alford down the right sideline was beautifully placed, where only his receiver could get to it. Rather than mourning the loss of Trickett next season, there’s reason to be excited in Morgantown.

9. Speaking of quarterbacks … it’s incredible how quickly things can change. This time last year Texas Tech fans thought they’d enjoy a 3-4 year tenure with Davis Webb under center. But, following a sophomore slump, and an injury-riddled season, there is now reason to believe Patrick Mahomes, or incoming freshman Jarrett Stidham will be the starting QB in 2015. Webb has clearly soured on the coaching staff, and Mahomes continues to improve with increased reps. Meantime, Stidham comes in as the highest ranked recruit ever to Lubbock. Spring ball will be veryyy interesting.

10. Thanks to Phillip Strickland for our anti-SEC/pro-Big 12 tweet of the week! Spot on as always.


11. Kansas State will have an entirely different image next season. They’re losing senior QB Jake Waters and wide receivers Tyler Lockett and Curry Sexton. I just can’t wait to see who Bill Snyder has in store for each of their replacements. Following the 2012 season, we thought they wouldn’t be able to replace players such as Collin Klein, Chris Harper and Arthur Brown, but they did. It’s just a matter of … “who’s next?” Also, we know they are unlikely to be five-star recruits, which makes it that much more intriguing.

12. The picks went an underwhelming 1-3. Missed a push in Iowa State-West Virginia by a half a point. And time for me to take my man crush for Clint Bowen and put it away. The Jayhawks are just horrendous, especially on the road.

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