HCS Op-Ed: Where Does K-State Hoops Go From Here?

After the Wildcats suffered a 61-57 loss to Texas on Saturday, it became the first time under Bruce Weber the ‘Cats had lost 4 in a row. Many of the fans and coaching staff have to be wondering… Where do we go from here?

The social media buzz around K-State basketball primarily surrounds the current scoring troubles and looking to place blame. Additionally, like any fan base, there are the irrational people calling for Coach Weber to be removed. But, before we hit the reset button again on this once very promising program, let’s take a look at a few details.

For the fourth straight game the Wildcats failed to reach the 60 point threshold. K-State shot a dreadful 24% in the first half going 6/25. Fans can scream coaching all they want, but aren’t these young men getting a free education because of their supposed ability to put a ball through a net? The players simply have to be better than that. This is the Big 12, the toughest basketball conference in America, and failing to reach the 60 point mark on a regular basis is never going to be a trademark for a winner.

The Wildcats were out-rebounded by the Longhorns on Saturday 31 to 25, marking the seventh time they have lost the rebounding edge in conference play this year. In fairness, not that many people could out-rebound the Longhorns with the likes of Ridley, Lammert, Ibeh and Turner playing in the post. But if you want to be a top tier team in the Big 12, you have to compete and win more rebounding battles than you lose.

Finally, we need turn our attention to the latest suspension/benching of Marcus Foster. Coach Weber was quoted this past week as saying “our whole team, we’ve been plagued from the start of the season by immaturity, by lack of discipline and by lack of consistency, on and off the court the whole year.” This is the part where many Wildcat fans have differing opinions. Of course there are those out there saying that Coach Weber is to blame for what’s wrong with the team. However, at some point all fans have to look to the young men on the court and wonder when they will start show maturity both on and off the court?

Don’t get me wrong, the coaching staff is absolutely not off the hook. This team has looked completely lost and confused too many times this year, and that goes back to the coaching staff and their preparation. Who could forget the Wildcats committing 25 turnovers against West Virginia when they met in Manhattan back on 1/27? Everyone knew going into the game that the Mountaineers would bring full court pressure, and yet the Wildcats seemed unprepared for the challenge.

No one knows when Coach Weber and Athletics Director John Currie will agree that the punishment has fit the crime for Foster and Malek Harris. But, what happens from here forward will certainly help decide the future of Bruce Weber in Manhattan. Will John Currie have to once again look for a new man to lead the Wildcat basketball program, or can all this talent and this coaching staff get on the same page and get back to being that team was 4-1 on January 19th and sitting in first place in the Big 12?

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