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The Big 12 & Iowa State Connection Between Jameel McKay and Dustin Hogue

Dustin Hogue has become a crowd favorite inside HIlton Coliseum throughout his career at Iowa State University. Hogue, a 6’6” senior from Yonkers, New York has always been one to play tough. Growing up with a brother who played in the NFL meant nothing but hustle, grit and leadership for the Cyclone star. However, the road to ISU wasn’t easy for the former Indian Hills Community College stud. In fact, he wasn’t even on Iowa State’s radar when head coach Fred Hoiberg and his staff hit the recruiting trail in 2012.

“We actually went down to watch Jameel McKay and he was good, but the guy who really jumped off the page at us was Dustin,” said Hoiberg. “We got on him right away and he’s been a big rock for us now for two years and he’s the type of enforcer you need if you want to win in the Big 12.” Surprised by the offer, Dustin quickly took a look at the Cyclones style of play and committed shortly after.

The bigger story though is the two teammates who share the same court once again in the state of Iowa. That’s right folks, Jameel McKay and Dustin Hogue are back to their old ways right where they envisioned it. The former Warrior teammates parted ways following the 2012 season after committing to different universities. McKay went to Marquette university while Hogue threw on the cardinal and gold in Ames. Jameel wasn’t far behind Hogue though as the rim protector that Iowa State has never had, transferred to ISU in 2013.

“For the past two years we’ve been a really small team and we’ve never really had a presence in the paint,” said Hogue. “Sometime he (McKay) doesn’t always get the blocked shot but he changes up shots which allows us to rebound and be a bigger team.”

Bringing their all every day is nothing new for these two, as both players have had a tremendous impact for the Cyclones this season. McKay credits Hogue with the same work horse mentality that he had back in Indian HIlls. “Dustin’s numbers probably didn’t stand out,” said McKay. “He was probably our most important player regardless of some of the accomplishments I got. It’s easy to play with someone that is going to go all out and play for everybody else.”

Back on the same court once again, these two continue to push each other as they strive to complete their NCAA national championship dreams. From Indian Hills C.C. to Iowa State University, these two standouts have no doubt been an enforcement behind the Cyclones success here this season. The bond will continue to grow as ISU heads toward another postseason run, which will truly be fun to watch.


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