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HCS Op-Ed: Who Should be Quarterback of the Sooners in 2015?

There’s been a lot of speculation as to who should be the signal caller for Sooner football team this coming season. After an inconsistent year at quarterback for Oklahoma, Bob Stoops has a tough and important decision to make. Will Trevor Knight get another chance? Or will someone else take the reins? Perhaps Baker Mayfield, the former Texas Tech standout? Or will Cody Thomas get a chance to redeem himself after sluggish performances last year? Maybe even Justice Hansen, who hasn’t played a down for the Sooners, will be entrusted with the call to start?

I believe Baker Mayfield has to get the first chance. The reason new offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley was brought in was to develop a lethal passing attack like the one we saw during the Sam Bradford era. Mayfield gives OU the best chance to do that. Trevor Knight is obviously a running QB, and Hansen and Thomas don’t have as much experience as Mayfield. The goal for this year is to compete for a Big 12 Championship. To do that, you need someone with experience, who is also a fit for the offense’s needs and requirements. Mayfield is the only one on the roster that fits that criteria. Stoops has to consider that when making his decision.

Some may be asking, “why not give Trevor Knight the start? He has the most experience in our offense.” To those, I remind them: our offense is not the same as last year. Also, Knight was very unproductive last season, even when healthy. Knight completed only 56% of his passes, and threw 14 touchdowns to 12 interceptions. Sure, maybe it was the way he was used, but even when passing the ball, he was very off target on a lot of throws. Knight has had one great game, the 2014 Sugar Bowl, in two years as starting QB. His efforts have been appreciated, but it’s time to move on. With the best running back in the Big 12, along with dept behind Samaje Perine, the Sooners’ run game should be set. But, a lethal passing attack is what is needed in order to make the offense less predictable.

The 2015 Oklahoma Sooners football team has the pieces needed to compete for a conference title, but it all starts at QB. As has become the case in many levels of football, this team will only go as far as the quarterback can take them, and Baker Mayfield is the best chance the Sooners have.

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