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12 Thoughts on This Week in the Big 12: Kliff Kingsbury is a boss, Texas’ Debacle, TCU Issues + more!

1) What an awesome win for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and the Big 12 in general, on Saturday night over Arkansas. That makes it back-to-back wins for the Big 12 over the ‘almighty’ SEC Conference in consecutive weeks. The pathetic SEC apologists will say, ‘hey, it’s only Arkansas and Tennessee, not exactly Alabama and Georgia.’ Well, that’s not fair considering there were pundits who picked Arkansas to win the SEC West and Tennessee to win the East. Most importantly, it’s impressive how Kingsbury has completely changed the attitude and vibe around the program this offseason. The most notable stat to back this up: The Red Raiders are 1st in the conference, averaging just 46 penalty yards/game.

2) The icing on the cake was Kingsbury’s post game presser when he called out the douche of all douchebags in college football: Bret Bielema. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Kingsbury with one of the all-time great mic-drops.
Does anyone doubt that Bielema would be the guy to try and intimidate high school coaches to run his style of offense to best suit his needs? Between his trying to stop the up tempo offenses (using phony concussions scare tactics), to calling out Ohio State’s non-conference schedule, to now getting called out for being a dick by Kliff Kingsbury … Bielema is now 11-17 during his tenure in Fayetteville. He’s got bigger issues than worrying about what Ohio State or Texas high schools do.

3) Texas boosters, employees, and fans are rejoicing over the ‘resignation’ of AD Steve Patterson. By the way, I love when public figures get fired and the story is officially called a “resignation”. Yes, because the AD at one of the best and wealthiest universities in the country has just decided to resign after 22 months. That’s like Jared Fogle deciding to “resign” as the spokesman for Subway. Come on, we’re not stupid. I went into more detail on this topic in last week’s 10 minute podcast.

4) Well, the 11:00 PM ET/10:00 PM CT hour was an absolute blast for college football fans. Well, unless you are a Texas or Iowa State fan. But, my thumb and remote control certainly stayed busy flipping between the games. It felt more like late October/early November than mid-September. Thank goodness for my DirecTV PIP feature which gives me the ‘two games at once’ option. Can’t beat it. Well, I guess you could … check out this home theatre. I wouldn’t leave for days.

5) As for those two games, let’s start with the Texas debacle. After being down 3 touchdowns entering the 4th quarter, the Longhorns came all the way back with three scores, but Nick Rose missed the final extra point, which likely would have forced overtime. Brutal. But, plenty of good came out of the Saturday night game. Jerrod Heard is the guy at QB, at least for this season. The team doesn’t quit on Charlie Strong. But, the rebuild is definitely still in full swing.
I read some on twitter about people speculating that Chip Kelly may find a soft landing spot in Austin if his season in Philly completely implodes. That’s beyond unfair and totally ridiculous. Despite what Mack Brown wants to believe, Strong has spent his entire tenure in Austin cleaning up Brown’s horrendous mess, with both poor character players and players who just weren’t as talented as Brown expected.
Charlie is the guy. It’s just going to take time.

6) Meantime, Iowa State kicker Cole Netten missed a 32-yarder which would have given ISU the win over Toledo. Instead, ISU went on to lose in overtime. So, Iowa State now needs to go 5-4 in Big 12 play to reach a bowl game. The only way that’ll happen is if every starting QB in the Big 12 goes down with injury and all the defenses decide give the Cyclones a break  and play with 10 players. Iowa State is a better team than a year ago, but, if this turns into an ugly fall, it might be the end of the Paul Rhoads era.

7) Here is our tweet of the week. ESPN is hard to take seriously with this garbage.
photo (6)

How about TCU? Still a top-5 team, but another big time injury on defense, this time to starting cornerback Ranthony Texada, the 6th defensive starter to be sidelined this season in Fort Worth. Texada is likely done for the season. TCU was already thin on defense with plenty of new faces coming into the season. I believed before the season the D would be the reason TCU would not win the Big 12. I only feel stronger about that now. Good luck to Gary Patterson this weekend against Pat Mahomes and the Texas Tech offense. Take the over …?

9) Speaking of defenses, Oklahoma’s looked awfully shaky against Tulsa. While the Sooners had a strong showing in Knoxville against Tennessee, the Tulsa offense was more in-line with what the will see in Big 12 play (new Tulsa HC Phil Montgomery came from Baylor where he was the OC). The Sooners looked confused and slow at times when Tulsa had the offense moving and humming. There is a ton for Mike Stoops to clean up ahead of Big 12 play, which luckily for OU doesn’t begin until next weekend, October 3rd, against West Virginia.

10) If you went north about 2 hours, Oklahoma State put together their best performance of the early season by crushing UTSA. Yes, the non-conference was a joke for Mike Gundy, but his young team looks to have already made some major strides over 3 games. The offense was crisper and the defense forced a ridiculous 7 turnovers.
By the way, I hate most early season stats in college football. With some teams playing up a level, some playing down in competition, it’s all meaningless. Case and point, Oklahoma State was around 100th in the country in TO margin. After Saturday, they are now in the top 5. So next time you read a guy citing a team’s early season statistics as to why a team will win or cover a spread, think twice. It’s more about matchups and the good old fashioned eye test in September. Or, paying off a player to drop catches, miss throws, miss tackles, etc… you get the idea.

11) So for years now, Bill Snyder’s Kansas State Wildcats get counted out. Experts pick them to finish in the middle of the pack in the Big 12, then they end up winning 9, 10 or 11 games each season. Well, this is the year the polls will turn out to be accurate. Snyder’s team is young and dealing with lots of injuries. No need to remind us they are 3-0 … you see that competition?

12) Finally, my picks had a bounce back week going 4-2-1. Frankly, Iowa State and Texas blew my chances for an awesome 6-1 week. Oh well. That puts me at 10-8-1 on the season.

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