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OU QB Baker Mayfield Should Win the Heisman Trophy

There are many fantastic football players across the landscape of college football in this 2015 season. Trevone Boykin, Derrick Henry and Deshaun Watson are a few players who certainly stick out; but none of them are better than Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. Obviously if Baker Mayfield is the nation’s best player, he should be awarded with the Heisman Trophy. But, it doesn’t appear that will be easy. Henry appears to be the front runner. But, to all you Heisman voters out there, here’s my pitch for Mayfield … and no, I’m not his agent, friend, or cousin.

First off, when you evaluate a Heisman candidate their statistics are important, and Baker Mayfield doesn’t lack in that department. With a 35-5 TD-INT ratio it shows not only is he responsible for plenty of scoring, but he doesn’t turn it over either. Also, he is efficient, completing nearly 69% of his passes.  On the ground, Mayfield has 7 rushing touchdowns, giving him 42 overall on the year. He’s thrown for nearly  3,400 yards, and rushed for 420 yards on the ground. If you want to get into recent history, those statistics put him right there with Heisman winning QBs.

But, the thing that sets Baker Mayfield apart is the energy, effort, and passion he puts forth on each and every play. Baker has an uncanny ability to escape pressure and find guys open down the field, and the mental awareness to evaluate the field and make great reads. Sooners fans have been spoiled this season, as this is not something many college QBs do well.

But, his greatest trait may be his resiliency. The guy walked on at two different power five programs with a history of producing great quarterbacks. On multiple occasions this season Baker Mayfield has put on Superman’s cape and carried Oklahoma to victory. Example 1: when facing a 14-point deficit against Tennessee, on the road, in front of 102,000 screaming fans! Example 2: when he decided he wasn’t settling for a field goal against Baylor in Waco.  When it comes to Heisman moments everyone this season is second to Baker Mayfield. Oklahoma State feeding off emotion? Baker will flatten a sure tackling receiver with a de-cleating block! Your defense is having  a bad day without their best corner, and you are playing a top 10 offense? Baker delivers with some of his “Sooner Magic” on a touchdown to Mark Andrews. Bottom line Baker is THE play maker.

One year ago Oklahoma’s starting quarterback was Trevor Knight, and then Cody Thomas. The Sooners ended up a disappointing 8-5, and while there were plenty of other changes, OU would not be 11-1 without Mayfield. He is the reason Oklahoma has emerged as the best team in college football over the last 3 weeks, dispatching 3 highly ranked 10-win football teams. A season ago, Derrick Henry was not the starting running back for Alabama, and the Tide were an 11 win team. That isn’t to take away from what Henry has accomplished, nor is it an attempt to say Henry isn’t the Tide’s most valuable player. However, the simple fact is that Baker Mayfield is more important to the Sooners’ success than Derrick Henry is to the Tide’s.

“Baker Mayfield, when Oklahoma desperately needed a play pulled one out of his hip pocket.”  says ESPN/ABC play-by-play man Brad Nessler.
“The intangibles, the heart, the fire. Its not just putting his stats next to these other [Heisman candidates]. It’s what he does for this team and how they feed off him,” said Kirk Herbstreit. “We’ve seen the recognition. He’s made great throws. I have been blown away to see his arm strength in person. And of course he has what it takes to be able to improvise, to create, the mobility to keep a play alive, the ability to extend plays.” he continued.
Baker’s fire, his heart, his determination and of course his statistics all put him in the position to be Oklahoma’s sixth Heisman winner, and there’s no doubt he should be. As special as Derrick Henry and Deshaun Watson have been, it would be savage robbery for Baker Mayfield to not have this trophy.  If you don’t want to take my world for it and would like to see this message in video form take a moment to visit: because words cannot completely describe him.

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