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HCS Q&A: Oklahoma State QB recruit Nyc Burns

Sure, there’s always the 5-star players that every coach and fan wants their team to recruit and bring to campus. But, recent years have continued to prove that there are far more diamonds in the rough than we realize. Also, walk-ons have become an important part of Power 5 programs. Just look at some of the great ones in recent years: Clay Matthews (USC),  Jordy Nelson (K-State), J.J. Watt (Wisconsin), and of course Baker Mayfield (Texas Tech/OU).

Specifically, Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State have done a fantastic job building walk-ons into big-time players, including offensive lineman Levy Adcock and QB Brandon Weeden. So, we had a chance to sit down for a Q&A with 2016 OSU walk-on QB Nyc Burns. Kudos to him for giving us a few minutes of his time, as he came across as a confident, yet humble young man, and we wish him nothing but the best in Stillwater!

1) For you, deciding to go to Oklahoma State as a preferred walk-on, rather than scholarship at any of the other Division 1 schools you had offers from, how did you make that decision? 

 The biggest factor in deciding where I wanted to go to college was finding a place that felt like home. I had scholarships to smaller schools, but when it came down to it, OSU was my goal for this year and I got there! When I started communication with the coaches I really began to feel like Stillwater is where I’m supposed to be.
2) What was/is the most difficult and challenging part of the entire recruiting process?

  The hardest part of recruiting was definitely that I hit the scene late. Also, it’s tough to tell other coaches that were really interested in you that you’ve decided to go elsewhere.

3) How has your time at Berryhill prepared you for the next level? 

Berryhill has prepared me for college by putting a lot of responsibility in my hands. Simple things like using a signal system instead of running the play in. Also, I can take getting yelled at! Our offense is a spread and it easily converts to college systems.

4) What will you miss most about the high school football experience and Friday Night Lights?


The things I will miss most about the Friday night lights is running out of the Chief helmet with my childhood best friends, police sirens going off, fireworks shooting, and all the elementary school football players that play the next day lining the tunnel and cheering. 5) How has the success of walk-ons such as Baker Mayfield changed the landscape and thought process behind being a walk-on vs. a scholarship player?


I believe that a football player is a football player, regardless of whether you’re have a scholarship or don’t. Being a preferred walk-on means I’ve got all the motivation in the world to show what I’m worth. Being a scholarship player doesn’t make you a better football player!
6) What are you looking forward to most about getting to Stillwater and being a Cowboy? 


What I’m looking forward to most about being in Stillwater is feeling the satisfactory pain of working hard every day, making great friends with my new teammates, learning my new offense, being in a big environment, and eating some good meals at the training table!
7) Who have been some of your most important influences? 


My dad has been a great influence on the level of confidence I have in myself, and the love of the great game of football. My grandpa has taught me a great deal in hard work, and working for what you want for yourself. My high school offensive coordinator, Scott Chisholm, has seared into my mind “you’ve got all the ability to do what you want with the ball, you just have to do it!”


Thanks again to Nyc! Check out his recruiting video below!

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