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We are one step closer to a Big 12 Conference Championship game

BIG 12

Well, some good news for Big 12 fans who want to see a conference championship game back.

Sure, fans of BYU, Memphis, Cincy, UConn, and UCF won’t be happy about this. But, frankly, none of those schools are ‘must-haves’ for the Big 12. None of those programs will increase revenues or the national footprint of the conference.

But, not so fast. There are no guarantees that the Big 12 will implement a conference title game anytime soon. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby released a statement: 

“I appreciate that what was acted upon today takes into account our unique 10-team, full round-robin scheduling model.  However, this vote does not automatically mean the Big 12 will implement a football championship game.  Our membership will continue to analyze its pros and cons, as we now know the requirements should we decide to go down that path.”

The Big 12 must add a conference championship game ASAP from Jerry’s World. Remember the last one? A classic between Texas and Nebraska. It was the end of two eras… Nebraska in the Big 12, along with the last of the Big 12 Championship games. Here’s to bringing it back. More coming on this topic in this week’s podcast.

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