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Former Baylor DE Shawn Oakman accused of assault in 2013

Just weeks after being arrested on a sexual assault charge, the bad news continues for Shawn Oakman, Baylor football, and Baylor University.

According to a police report obtained by reporter Alex Dunlap, Oakman was accused of assault by an ex-girlfriend in 2013.

The police report accuses Oakman of grabbing the alleged victim and pushing her into a wall. The two continued to argue, and Oakman continued to shove her into things, according to the report.

You can see more of the details below in regards to how the fight began (over an INSTAGRAM post), and what allegedly transpired from there.


Dunalp reports that Baylor knew about the incident and did nothing about it. Proof is expected to come in emails.

If you recall, this isn’t the first run in for Baylor football. Former Baylor players Tevin Elliott and Sam Ukwuachu were both convicted of rape in separate trials over the past two years. Plus, Baylor is involved Title IX lawsuit regarding the Elliott case.

Pete’s take: When will it end? If you recall, I ripped Art Briles in last week’s podcast, when he said that the recent issues involving Oakman and others was concerning. Wow. That’s all, huh, Art?

I have always respected what Briles built at Baylor, but the way he has turned a blind eye to some of the major character flaws involving his players is unbelievable. He has put students at the University in danger of young men who have no business being on campus and are threats to their fellow students.

This isn’t going anywhere. Is it enough to get Briles canned by Baylor? Probably not. They are too indebted to him for their success. Ah, the (dirty) world of big time college athletics.

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