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Art Briles’ daughter rips Baylor, media in Facebook rant

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You think this Baylor story is over? Nah, it’s just getting started. Baylor fires Art Briles, star players (KD Cannon) hints at possibly transferring, and now we have Art Briles daughter getting in on the action, ripping everyone and anyone in a Facebook post/rant.


As much as I understand wanting to defend one’s family, this is just a bit much. The entire premise is flawed. First off, yea, we get it, Art Briles has never been fired before… so that means what exactly as it refers to this case?

As for his character? I personally never heard anything about Briles, but opponents have questioned Baylor’s recruiting tactics and character of the players brought on campus FOR YEARS. And in turn, this REFLECTS on Art Briles character. I’m sorry, it does.

Has their been a media witch hunt at Baylor? I believe there has been, and I talked about it in last week’s podcast. I believe ESPN could have dug into half the SEC programs (Tennessee, anyone?) and found enough skeletons to fire the coach, AD and President. But, that doesn’t take away from what is a history and proof of horrible behavior and leadership involving Baylor players and management.

Briles’ daughter is wrong, Baylor did fight and defend their head coach. They did it as much as they could until the evidence and Pepper Hamilton report was so overwhelming they had no choice. Baylor had NO interest in going this route. But, when the facts came in they were given no choice.

The whole post is a bit bothersome mostly because of the fact that she is making herself and Art Briles into a victim, when the real victims are the young women who were raped and did not get justice or even have their voices heard. That’s the shame in it all.

As I noted yesterday on twitter, it’s important to not forget that over 99% of the folks at Baylor are good people, good student-athletes, good teachers, and coaches. Unfortunately, that will also get lost in this mayhem.

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