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Baylor fans take out full-page ad thanking Ken Starr (seriously)

Former Baylor president Ken Starr

Some stories just write themselves… and this is one of ’em.

In a full-page advertisement that appeared in the Austin American-Statesman on Sunday morning, a group referring to themselves as “alumni and friends of Baylor” thanked former president Ken Starr for his work at Baylor.

Well, that’s truly amazing.

I think the most stunning part of this story is that these “supports” actually put their names on it.

Hell, they even gave Starr credit for, “your exceptional care for students and their well-being.”

By the way, I know the newspaper industry is hurting, but if I were running the Austin American-Statesman, I would’ve told the group, ‘we don’t want your money. Go find somewhere else to place your thank you ad.’

Sometimes you just gotta say to yourself, WTF?!

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