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Fans start petition to kick Baylor out of Big 12

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So much for Big 12 expansion, how about Big 12 reduction??

That’s the case for one group of fans, who are so fed up, they have started a petition to kick Baylor University out of the Big 12.

The petition was started 2 days ago by an AJ Hooper, who got ten sign ups.

As of 20 hours ago, that number had reached 250. By Tuesday afternoon, they had crossed the 450 sign ups threshold.

As the petition states:

First there was Dave Bliss and the basketball program. Now there is Art Briles and the football program. Baylor University is a disgrace and they do not belong in the Big 12.

It all seems quite extreme to me. In fairness, how many of those signing this are just Longhorns fans tired of getting their ass kicked in recent years by Briles and the Bears?

That being said, on the outside chance the Baylor board of regents votes to approve simply a suspension for Art Briles, then the Big 12 offices must do something. Example: an immediate press release saying, despite Baylor’s vote, Art Briles is banned from coaching in our the Big 12 Conference.

Once again, I don’t think we will get to that point, but if we do, there must be an immediate response from Dallas.

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