Texas Tech Red Raiders

Kliff Kingsbury, Pat Mahomes land cover of Dave Campbell’s 2016 football magazine

Luckily, being on the cover of Dave Campbell’s magazine does not have the same affect as being on the cover of Madden video games. If nothing else, this is pretty cool stuff, and kudos to both.

The pressure is really on Kingsbury this year, who for the most part has received a nice pass since taking over as head coach in Lubbock. He has a quarterback who I believe is going to end up being a Heisman finalist, and with defensive coordinator David Gibbs, has to begin turning things around on that side of the ball.

The Red Raiders’ appearance on the 57th edition of “the bible of Texas football” marks their first appearance on the cover since 2008. The style of the magazine is a nod to the iconic 1963 cover of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football featuring Texas coach Darrel K Royal and quarterback Scott Appleton.

The magazine will hit newsstands June 24.

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