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Report: BYU wants in on Power 5 Conference, but won’t play on Sundays

BYU still wants to play by their own rules… and thinks it’s worth it to a Power 5 Conference.

According to the Associated Press:

BYU is eager to leave independence behind and join a Power 5 conference but it won’t change its longstanding policy of not playing on Sundays, athletic director Tom Holmoe said Thursday.

The Mormon school has a written policy against competition on Sunday because of religious reasons, which could require scheduling concessions if BYU moves to one of the big conferences.

Of course, BYU’s name is listed as one of the top choices for the Big 12 if they expand. But, my response to the Cougars: good riddance.

There is already one school in the Big 12 that plays by it’s own rules, and that’s Texas. It’s fairly understandable as they are a massive draw and their power and money are a key cog to the Big 12’s survival. But, adding another team that is going to set their own guidelines is just going to piss off the rest of the conference and cause more division and animosity amongst a conference that needs much less of that.

I absolutely respect BYU’s decision to stick to their religious beliefs and not play on Sundays. But if you’re the Big 12 and you try to set schedules up for multiple sports in a conference that would extend 2,000 miles and include 3 time zones, and one team won’t play on Sundays, that’s just more headaches than it’s worth.

Maybe the Pac-12 will take ’em on. Commissioner Larry Scott is always looking to make a move. But, if I’m the Big 12 at this point, I’m passing. 

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