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Fox Sportscaster Tim Brando Supports Colorado State in Big 12

Everyone who’s anyone has had an opinion on where the Big 12 should be headed in the future regarding expansion.

Well, the latest to chime in was Fox Sports’ Tim Brando, who made the argument for BYU and Colorado State. 

Specifically, the top play-by-play man wrote:

“Here is my new look BIG12: Bob Bowlsby’s first move (in my opinion) is to BYU. Only hindrance is scheduling, due to the school’s religious affiliation, but working around it shouldn’t be a problem. Once you move to the Mountain Time zone you need another school that is a geographic fit. I love the advances made in Ft. Collins and Colorado St. is really well supported. Get them as 12th team.” 

As some of you know, there is a strong push from a contingent of Colorado State fans to get the Rams into the Big 12. Those good folks reside on Twitter and on Facebook.

I am very open to giving the Rams serious consideration, as they would be a good partner out west for BYU. But, I worry about a conference going from WVU to BYU, and travel expenses and budgets for the non-revenue sports. Also, does CSU really improve the desirability of the Big 12 to TV Networks? Yes, they will get some of the Denver market… but enough?? Time will tell.

Either way, good to see Timmy B getting back in the groove ahead of the season!

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