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Lincoln Riley: Joe Mixon will be a captain one day

Yesterday was “Meet the Sooners” day in Norman. And while Joe Mixon has technically been a Sooner for three of them, this was the first one he participated in.

Mixon still has a cloud hanging over his head after he was suspended from the team his first year on campus for punching a female student at a restaurant.

But, that didn’t stop many coaches from singing his praises on Saturday. Offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley spoke very highly of the running back, saying, “I think Joe will be a team captain one day. He acts like one right now. He’s obviously a really, really good football player, and we think his best ball is definitely ahead of him.”

Well, we know Mixon can ball. The only reason he wasn’t booted off the team (in my opinion) is because he was an impact five-star recruit. Mixon ran for 753 yards and seven touchdowns last season and caught 28 passes for 356 yards and four touchdowns.

After the event, Mixon was not made available for interviews.

While, I understand the fact that the coaching staff has made an effort to support and defend Mixon at every turn, this seems like a real stretch. Also, I am totally supportive of someone who can completely change their life, do a 180-degree turn, and become a new and better person. But, does this make Mixon captain material? If I were Bob Stoops, I just couldn’t do that. It still sends the wrong message, even if he is a reformed man.

Leave us your thoughts on the comments regarding whether or not Joe Mixon should one day be allowed to be a captain of the Oklahoma Sooners.

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